• Yoga is a holistic practice designed to bring the mind, body, and spirit into perfect health. When we integrate all aspects of ourselves, and stop resisting, our we begin to flow through our lives effortlessly. The way you practice and lessons learned on the mat will overflow into your life, and help you to find balance, stillness, clarity, flexibility, and strength in all that you do. The way you practice on your mat becomes the way you move through the world. If you want to live in peace, if you want to love life, if you want to THRIVE, then this practice is for you.    ~Aya


Creativity is an inherit part of human nature. Everybody has the capacity. Humans have an average of 42 thoughts per minute, around 60,000 thoughts a day, and those thoughts create your life. When we practice mindfulness and learn to calm the "monkey mind" we can consciously choose beliefs that serve us, and weed out negative and destructive patterns. Through a playful approach to ritual and intention, we can tap into our sacred creativity, and our fullest potential; honoring the shadow while reshaping the world around us.

"...Picasso said he would paint with his own wet tongue on the dusty floor of a jail cell if he had to.
We have to create;
it is the only thing louder than destruction;
it is the only chance the bars are gonna break. 
Our hands full of colour
reaching towards the sky - a brush stroke in the dark
It is not too late 
That starry night - it is not yet dry."

 -Andrea Gibson


Ayurveda- Ayu (life) + Veda (knowledge or science) 

Ayurveda = the Science of Life, and is the sister science to Yoga. The two systems were created together, offering man an in depth manual to this thing called life. Ayurveda is a tool, a lens if you will, that allows us to better understand ourselves and others based on their specific physical and energetic constitution, and their needs specific to their nature. Diets and routines, self care practices, and routines are tailored for each individual.   What's good for the geese aint good for the gander! Leafy greens don't agree with everyone! & some people need to eat more times a day while others need 3 square meals. Some people can eat all the bean sprouts and raw foods in the world, while eating a raw vegan diet may be less bioavailable and even detrimental for another's health. The purpose of Ayurveda is to bring the body into homeostasis by providing and sustainable lifestyle for each individual.
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